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MA in Tourism and Hospitality Management

MBA in International Hospitality Management

(delivered by ITS)

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These International programs awarded by:

JAN & OCT, 2024




BVIS together with the Institute of Tourism Studies prepares its students for high-end tourism management program aimed to develop an entrepreneurial mindset that will make you stand out in our dynamic and fast-changing industry. In close collaboration with UNWTO, the most renowned tourism organisation in the world, we have developed a program that guarantees top internships and potential future job opportunities.

Program Highlights


Secure your top management position now.

What we offer:

  • An innovative Master's program developed in close partnership with the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).


  • Dual Diploma with the Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS).

  • Guaranteed top internship positions. 

  • Obtain a UK State degree.

What you can achieve:

  • Set yourself up for an executive role in the tourism and hospitality sectors.

  • Tailor your own studies by choosing from a range of specializations endorsed by industry leaders.

  • Learn how to critically evaluate and apply theoretical knowledge in order to solve complex real-world management challenges.

  • Embark on two industry internships that will give you a competitive advantage in your future career.

Graduate with:
  • MA in Tourism and Hospitality Management (delivered by  Bella Vista Institute of Higher Education, certified by Ofqual)

  • MBA in International Hospitality Management (delivered by ITS The Institute of Tourism Studies)

  • ESG Advanced Certificate (issued by International Centre associated with UNWTO Academy in Switzerland in collaboration with Stanford University)



The Master's Program in Tourism and Hospitality Management is developed in close partnership with the Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS). It provides an innovative framework for students who are interested in pursuing management careers in the travel and tourism industries.


Year 1

TERM 1 (11 weeks)

  • Applied Statistics for Business Research

  • Cross Cultural Selling and Marketing

  • Law and Ethics in the Business

  • Business Research Methods

  • Digital Marketing

  • Innovation Leadership

  • Post Graduate Thesis I

  • Service Operation Management

Additional Language Development

TERM 2 (11 weeks)

  • Developing and Monitoring Corporate Strategy

  • Event Operations and Risk Management

  • Hotel Asset Management

  • Managing Human Capital

  • Special Interest Tourism

  • Post Graduate Thesis II

Additional Language Development

Certified Advanced ESG courses:

  • ESG Consulting Project & Internship

  • Electives: ESG Investment Strategy; Writing ESG Report & Case Study; Generating profits in the era of sustainability

  • Strategy for Sustainability (Stanford University)


In partnership with the UNWTO Academy, we offer a range of specializations and internships. We will support students to choose one of their specializations and will sign the internship report and issue the final certificate. Learners will be sent to the internship locations of their choice worldwide, through the internship, the student will develop a professional network and meet potential career opportunities.


From Term 1, choose from one of our diverse specializations endorsed by some of the world’s most respected business and industry leaders who assist us in creating course content, hold guest lectures, host company visits, assign projects, and offer exclusive career opportunities.


  • Topic Immersion (4 weeks)

  • Internship of specialization in Switzerland or worldwide

  • Consultancy Report (15 weeks, 12,000-word project, with support of their own academic supervisor)



Next intakes

We highly recommend applying early. If you need a student visa, please be sure to allow 8 – 12 weeks between the application and program start date.

January, 2024

October, 2024

Requirements & Fees

  • Recommended minimum age of 21 years.

  • OTHM Level 6 degree holders have the possibility to fast-track & have no need to prove their English Language level.

  • Postgraduate level 6 diploma from a hotel management school, or recognized bachelor’s degree with honours in hospitality in a related subject, or five years of supervisory experience in the hospitality industry.

  • English language proficiency of TOEFL iBT 67-74 or IELTS 6.0 or equivalent. If you don't have the required language level, you can improve your language and study skills with our English Foundation Program. Please note that if you require a visa, Swiss authorities need to be provided with a valid TOEFL or IELTS score (not older than one year).


Advance Learning Program:

Taking university-level coursework requires that you meet the demands of lectures, seminars, and assignments. If English is not your first language, you are required to complete a short screening test during the induction period. If you do not meet the minimum level for your academic program, you will be required to participate in the Advance Learning Program which runs in parallel to your regular studies and supports your academic progression. Students who benefit from this program will be charged an additional fee.

We highly recommend applying early. If you need a student visa, please be sure to allow 8 – 12 weeks between application and program start date.

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Take the next step towards a career in hospitality management.

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